Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Issues Reported to Norfolk County Council - 22.05.19

Norfolk County Council
·      Hedgerow opposite 28 Almond Grove overgrown and blocking pathway – can it be cut-back? Elderly resident has tried best to trim the bush recently but it would be useful if Highways Rangers could investigate
·      Trees / bushes at rear of 57 Ash Close completely overgrown – residents have complained and asked if it can be cut back
·      Lamppost along Fir Road, opposite 153, wonky and needs straightening
·      Post along Elm Road, near to entrance to Pine close missing the sign – can post be removed or sign replaced?
·      Kerb at side of 52 Ulfkell Road remains damaged and in need of repair
·      Tree on corner of Castle Lane / Castle Street now overgrown and obscuring view – particularly as you approach Castle Street from Castle Lane and wish to turn right going towards Diss – visibility impacted looking left
·      Pot hole along Bury Road opposite new housing development near to new speed camera – pot hole likely to be caused by construction traffic accessing development area
·      Drains along Elm Road / Fir Road seem very clogged up and in need of clearing – can this be arranged?

Issues Reported to Flagship Housing 22.05.19

Flagship Housing
·      Garage block at Fir Road remains in a terrible condition with loose bricks and rubbish – area would be improved considerably if loose debris and fencing was removed
·      Garage block at Oak Close – offensive graffiti sprayed onto garage doors, numerous garages boarded up, needs cleaning and weed removal.
·      Flagship installed wooden barriers at top of Ash Close completely rotten at the base due to inadequate installation and lack of maintenance. Now fallen down completely and need replacing. Other wooden barrier at bottom of Ash Close (opposite 1 Ash Close) in need of wood care treatment

Issues Reported to Breckland Council 22.05.19

Breckland Council
·      Playground and Bus Stop sign along Fir Road, opposite entrance to Beech Close needs cleaning
·      Hole in pavement opposite number 1 Elm Road – possible pavement NCC but likely to be BDC
·      Rubbish at side of 70 Fir Road remains in place – mainly chopped tree trunks and branches – been in place for more than a year – land it is on belongs to Breckland and blocking pathway – needs to be removed
·      Pathway opposite 36 Oak Close in a poor state of repair – residents in the area who are elderly have commented on this and asked if it might be resurfaced? Likely to be a BDC path but possibly NCC?
·      Random pole along pathway between Fir Road and Elm Road – possibly previously had a sign attached to it – one further down the path as well – can they be removed?
·      Rubbish dumped at side of bin near to entrance to Almond Grove – regular issue and usually removed quickly by SERCO. Bin door however regularly left open – is lock faulty or just not locked when emptied?
·      Oak tree at bottom of Ash Close reported by number 2 Ash Close – can it be cut back so less issues for users of car park
·      Sign at entrance to former Elm Road play area – can this be removed? Play area now responsibility of Thetford Town Council – green barriers in this area also need repainting.
·      Nun’s Bridges / Town Centre blue sign along Fir Road near to entrance to Pine Close needs to be cleaned and reinstalled – currently wonky
·      Pine Close street sign needs replacement – very scratched
·      Rubbish bin on pathway from Staniforth Road to Pine Close, within sheltered housing scheme always overflowing with rubbish – this is the fourth time I have seen this in the past three months. Bin needs to be regularly emptied and ideally replaced with Glasdon type bin with enclosed top and bigger capacity (possibly a Flagship Housing bin?)
·      Further along the pathway above – another bin – completely surrounding by overgrown bushes which needs to be cut back
·      Rear of Pine Close shops in a terrible condition – bin store area has overflowing rubbish including food waste. Burnt out refuse bin has been in location for several weeks and not removed.