Thursday, 21 August 2008

Update on August's activities..

It is more difficult than I thought to make regular postings on this thing! Well I've not posted since the 1st August so quite a few things have been happening.
Mon 4th August; Progressed with Charles Burrell Garden/Sculpture Project with Jean in the morning. At 3pm I met with Margaret Ince of Thetford Art Gallery to discuss the 'Upstairs Comes Down' activities and Street Art event later in August. At 7pm we had a TCA / Ballpark meeting at the Sports and Social Club.
Tues 5th August; Met with Tim Lovejoy (BAG Chair) from 10-12pm to progress with Barnham Cross Estate projects, from 12.30-2.30pm I was with the new cleaner for the Abbey Centre - Caroline. Then in the afternoon I had to whizz to Tescos to get the items needed for Art/Youth club which runs from 3.30pm - 7.30pm every Tuesday at the Abbey Centre, this week there was a fruit theme with fruity arts activities and we made fruit kebabs which the kids loved, they enjoyed it so much they made some to take home, wrapped them in tissue paper and put sticky labels on for their different family members.
Weds 6th August; Met with Dave H and Lynne W at 10am to undertake a handover of the TCA Accounts from Lynne to Dave, managed to remember to buy Lynne a thank-you card and get some flowers which was much appreciated. Went to Hemsby in the evening with James to visit Ricky, Sarah and kids who were staying in a caravan for the week. Managed to burn my arm coming down the sack slide at a funny angle! but was all good fun, especially the fish and chips!
Thurs 7th August: Just a day in the office progressing with things.
Friday 8th August: Met with Barbara B to sort through some arts materials which are being donated to Fulmerston Family Project. In the evening I went to meet Kyle in March and then to see Batman at the cinema in Peterborough, was very good!
Sat and Sunday - nothing particular that I can remember!
Mon 11th August; Progressed with Charles Burrell Community Garden Project, met with Jean at 9.30am, and we met with the Charles Burrell Museum at 10am - really constructive meeting, at 11.30am we met with a local builder to start getting quotes for the sculpture plinth and walkways, you could say its full steam ahead for this little project!
Tuesday 12th: Art Club again from 3.30pm - 7.30pm
Wednesday 13th: Nothing particular to report, was supposed to be a Town Council Planning Committee meeting but this was cancelled due to an insufficient amount on the Agenda. No TC meeting til Sept now!
Thursday 14th August; Monthly Safer Thetford Action Group (STAG) - always interesting and useful.
Friday 15th August; Met Carlos in Great Yarmouth, had some dinner and watched TV. Got confirmation today that our Big Sitting Room Project to Norfolk Community Foundation was approved and the Fulmerston Family and Community Project has been awarded £5,000 - the max possible, so I am delighted with that.
Saturday 16th August: Mum and Dad left for Dover to meet Ricky on ship and go on hols for a week, lucky them!
Monday 18th August! My birthday!!! Wohoo-- went to Colchester Zoo for the day with Jaime, James, Gemma and Charlee, was a really fun day, will post some pictures seperately. Got lots of cards, text messages, emails and facebook messages which was really heartening. In the evening, myself, J & J went round to see my sister who's staying at Mum and Dads and we had chinese with her, Dan and Jaden, yum!!
Tuesday 19th August: Back at work today, art club again, had an incredible 44 kids in total today, very very busy! James helped out today as he is on hols all week. Sarah's on A/L for the next two weeks, on my own at the Abbey, booooooooooooorrrrrrrrrinnnnnnnnng!
Wednesday 20th August; Nothing too exciting to report, just progressing with Awards for All application with the Fulmerston Family and Community Project, hoping to re-submit ASAP. Also continuing with Street Art event next week.
On Thursday, I will be progressing with various things and attending the Thetford Art Gallery presentation evening at 7pm.
Think that's about it!

Friday, 1 August 2008

Is it Friday already?...

Another busy week which has just flown by.... On Monday morning I met with Jean Ridley one of our casual workers at Keystone who will be working with me to co-ordinate our Charles Burrell Community Garden and sculpture project now that our grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund is confirmed, hooooray! Then on Tuesday we had our second Abbey Children and Youth Club for 5-9 years and then 10-15 years, always very tiring as it runs from 3.30pm until 7.30pm and we had over 30 children again which is fantastic and they seemed to enjoy it, plus Community Music East were present this week too to run a music workshop so the kids really enjoyed that. On Wednesday I attended my first meeting of Thetford Town Council! It is going to be very strange campaigning for improvements as a member of the Town Council rather than being somebody who just attended Town Council meetings! Thursday was very excited because at 10am we had another meeting for the Barnham Cross Regeneration Steering Group, the group that is looking at demolishing some garage blocks and vacant pieces of land around the Estate, I've seen lots of the plans and proposals now and I honestly think this is the most exciting things to happen to this Estate since it was first built, it is going to completely transform the area for the better, later on Thursday we met with Fir Road residents and then Beech Close residents to look at the proposals for their specific areas. And finally, Friday morning I helped run one of our Summer Arts Extravaganzar activities - a family art session at Fulmerston Church, we had in total about 30 people and they really enjoyed it which was great, amazing how much mess can be made with just a few glue pots and some finger paints!!! Off to a meeting regarding my business website tonight.....