Saturday, 26 July 2008

A busy week....

It has been another busy week! On Monday there was a meeting of the Thetford Community Association which was very good, we are now setting up our project funded by the Football Foundation to deliver coaching sessions at the Ballpark. On Tuesday it was the first Abbey Art Club / Abbey Youth Venue session, from 4pm - 5.30pm it's 5-9 years and 6pm - 7.30pm it's 10-15 years, for both sessions we had about 15 children which was great - although very tiring. On Wednesday I was at Fulmerston Church for my weekly Barnham Cross Community Work session. On Thursday in the morning I went to the Town Council offices to meet with the Town Clerk, sign my 'acceptance of office' papers and talk about how things work at the council and then later on Thursday I had a trip to London for my business, I had 30 people booked to see Hairspray and Joseph, the trip seemed to go really well and peopled enjoyed it which was great. Then on Friday I had the day booked off so I could have a lay-in, then I did some business admin work and then went to Newmarket Races with Mum, Dad, Michelle, Jaden, Dan, Mark and Evie for a day at the races and to watch UB40 perform - I didn't win all day at the races and then the last race I put £5 each way on a horse at 12/1 and it came in first so I won all my money back for the day!! hooray. Today I'm off into town to see the Storm concert at Castle Park.........

Thetford and Brandon Article; 23 07 08

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Letters; Thetford and Brandon 23 07 08

Letter to Thetford and Brandon 23rd July 2008

Dear Editor May I take the opportunity to thank all of the people that voted for myself and the other candidates in the Saxon Ward by-election held last week (17th July). I am delighted and humbled that so many people voted to put their trust in me and elect me as their new town councillor, particularly considering I was by far the youngest councillor and also a candidate for the Labour Party – at a time when such a thing may be considered a hindrance. I was particularly pleased that our campaign managed to engage new people with local democracy, a number of people who voted on Thursday had never voted before or seldom vote and I am pleased that we did our bit to engage these people in the democratic process. May I also thank the other candidates themselves who conducted a hard fought, yet positive campaign on local issues. My particular thanks to the runner up candidate, Mike Brindle, who was an excellent opponent. I believe that this result was the endorsement of hard work and determination. The people of Thetford deserve hard working councillors who fight with passion and determination to promote Thetford for the wonderful place that it is and seek further improvements, based on sound local knowledge and consultation with the people of this town. I hope I can live up to people's expectations and play may part in improving Thetford for the future. The real work starts now! Best wishes, Terry Jermy New Saxon Ward Town Councillor Newtown Thetford

Sunday, 20 July 2008

And the winner is.....?

ME!!! I am completely shocked, humbled and amazed. Considering I was the youngest candidate at this election (by quite a large number) and also considering I was the Labour Party Candidate at a time when Labour is less than popular, I am suprised that we did so well. I had no idea that I had won right up until the Returning Officer announced the numbers and even then it did not quite sink in. The real work starts now!!