Monday, 28 July 2014

First Night Market of 2014 hailed a success

From Thetford and Brandon Times website:
Entertainment, bargains and community spirit were all on show in Thetford market place as the summer night markets returned.
People poured in to see live music, browse the stalls and enjoy refreshments at the event on Friday.
Started two years ago, the joint initiative between Thetford Town Council and Sort-It continues to be a success according to Terry Jermy, organiser.
“We’re delighted with the success of the first Summer night market. The crowds that attended demonstrate just how keen people in Thetford are for events such as this to occur and not only did people have a great time but a number of charities and small businesses were supported in the process,” he said.
The event was the first of three night markets to be held this summer, with more planned on August 22 and September 12.

For more about the night markets, contact Angus Dixon on 07446 876954.

Town Council asked to consider agreeing to public drinking ban

Police officers in Thetford could be given enhanced powers to tackle street drinking if plans to bring a by-law into effect are implemented.
The Safer Thetford Action Group (STAG) have called for police officers and councillors in the town to set up a working group to look at introducing a “no street-drinking” by-law, with the issue being a long-standing priority for Thetford Police.
The by-law would see the extension of Designated Public Places (DPP) which give police additional powers in relation to street drinking if there is evidence that it may lead to, or is causing, anti-social behaviour (ASB).
In a letter to Thetford mayor, Sylvia Armes, Graham Sigley, chair of STAG, wrote that it was considering following the example of other towns by enacting the by-law, but warned it raised issues.
“STAG have discussed the possibilities of such an option for Thetford across a geographical area that would need to be determined but are aware that such a by-law would need to be implemented by Breckland Council,” he said.
“Also, while such an option would seem to be quite a straightforward response to concerns about street drinking, STAG members are aware that implementing such a by-law would be complex and with costs involved, and it would need to be constantly monitored and enforced.”
He added that some towns employed their own enforcement wardens.
Dr Sigley said that the use of DPPs meant that officers were forced to make complex judgments.
“For example, factors to take into account could include the number of people involved, the exact location, the timing and the amount of alcohol.
“Are two shift workers having a can of lager after work on a park bench at 7am causing or likely to cause ASB? Similarly with a family having a large picnic with a bottle of wine alongside the river,” he said.
The issue will be discussed by Thetford Town Council at a meeting on Tuesday night from 7pm.

Councillors will be asked if they want to convene a working group which will include STAG representatives, Breckland Council, Norfolk County Council and Norfolk Police.