Thursday, 21 August 2014

Elm Road social services site update

I've been pressing Norfolk County Council of late on the state of the former Elm Road social services / PRU depot which has been left empty for approx 2 years. The grounds have been allowed to become very messy and items have been fly-tipped there. I recently sent an email to NCC Labour Leader George Knobbs, who asked staff to address the matter and I'm pleased to share the below;

Dear George

My colleague James Sullivan met Terry Jermy on site on 8th August and agreed on a two-stage approach to tidying up the site, which had not been cut up to that stage to keep costs to a minimum and in part to seek to discourage access by children to play games etc. 

James has met with the grounds contractors on site this morning and as agreed with Terry they are going to cut back any weeds etc. growing through the railing fence and strim a metre inside the site boundary. They are going to cut and clear all the overhanging branches on the Laburnum Grove frontage and strim all the areas of grass verge adjacent to footpath. They will also remove some debris that has been dumped on the site.

He has also arranged for a grass cut across the site following the start of the next school term to make it tidier as we move into autumn.

Kind regards

David Russell