Monday, 9 November 2009

Thetford Fireworks Spectacular, November 2009

I've just sent the text below to the Editor of the Thetford and Brandon Newspaper. Dear Editor, I would like to give a massive thank-you to the thousands of people from Thetford who turned up on Sunday night to support the first organised fireworks display in this town for many years. It was an absolutely fantastic success. The fireworks were amazing, everyone enjoyed themselves and the people of this town got the chance to come together and meet friends and show what fantastic community spirit this town has. I would like to particularly thank the two main organisers, Larry Gray and Susan Glossop. Without them, this event simply would not have happened. Many people got involved with this event and many donated their time and provided support. I would especially like to thank the small group of peopled who helped me with raising funds for Help for Heroes, they were; Sheron Rourke, Barbara Bysouth, Jaime Smith, Gavin Leach, Fiona Drew, Mark and Sarah Lynam, Roxanne Laws, Robert Waple, Kevin, Gina, Rebecca, Zoe and Jade, Andy Hradsky. A total of £1900 was raised for Help For Heroes. Well done Thetford, you have done us all proud!! Best wishes Terry Jermy Thetford Town Councillor for the Saxon Ward (Photo credits to Bernie O'Connor)

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