Thursday, 13 June 2013

Thoughts on Thetford UKIP resignation

I am currently on a family holiday in France, but I have received news that Peter Georgiou - UKIP Councillor for Thetford-West has resigned, and there will now be a by-election, I've been asked for my thoughts, which are;

"I am pleased that scrutiny of UKIP policies and candidates that was so lacking prior to the election is now taking place to some degree. On a personal level, this must be very sad for Mr Georgiou and his family, but I think that he has made the right decision and I wish him well for the future. Residents of Thetford deserve the best possible representation at Norfolk County Council and I hope that this can occur quickly so that somebody can be in place addressing the very many pressing issues that exist"

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Deborah said...

Competely agree. It's a nasty business. That said, good luck!