Sunday, 23 October 2016

Speech at Hurth on Twinning 13.09.16

Speech for twinning visit to Hurth, Germany

Mr Mayor, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. May I thank you on behalf of Thetford for hosting us this weekend and sharing with us your beautiful community.

In Thetford we are very proud of our twinning links with all four of our twin towns; Hurth, Les Ulis, Skavina and Spijkenesse.

I’m really pleased to be able to support twinning activities in my Mayoral year and to be able to visit Hurth.

Twinning provides us with an opportunity to learn from one another. Whether that be understanding different ways of working, appreciating new food, enjoying new music and of course making new friends. Twinning widens our horizons and enriches our lives.

The links established through twinning will be more important than ever for our country and will assist with maintaining that internationalist outlook built on mutual understanding, co-operation and friendship. Twinning provides us with opportunities to develop business links and to drive innovation through shared learning.

We give thanks to those people from all communities involved with twinning for their support and steely determination to maintain these important links.

Best wishes,

Terry Jermy

Mayor of Thetford

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