Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Today at work...

I finally managed to finish a couple of funding bids at work today, I've been working on these for a good few weeks and it always takes longer to finish these things off then you might think. I submitted the application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for Keystone which, if successful, will pay for a series of workshops locally at the life of Charles Burrell the steam engine pioneer which is a key part of Thetford's history. It will also pay for a community garden to be put together near to the Charles Burrell High School in Thetford and it will pay to commission an artist to construct a metal sculpture of a steam engine. The second bid was on behalf of the Thetford Community Association, a local charity in Thetford. This was just for a few thousand pounds which they need to put with some money they already have confirmed from the Football Foundation. This money will pay for two evenings of football training courses for young people at the Thetford Ballpark. Both very worthwhile projects. I should also be able to finish off tomorrow the application to Awards for All which I have been working on with a local residents group - the Barnham Action Group, this will pay for a youth club (the Big Sitting Room) to take place on two evenings a week for the next year on the Barnham Cross Estate. Fingers crossed! :)

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