Monday, 22 July 2013

Problems around Dane Close

Dear Flagship, Breckland and County;

Please find attached some photographs of the Dane Close area and the Icknield Way garage block.

I am aware that the Icknield Way garage block belongs to Flagship, and I have asked via your Facebook page that the garage that is currently full of rubbish, is cleared and boarded up securely, and that the mattress and other debris is removed.

I assume that the garage block in Dane Close itself is also a Flagship one - I note that the guttering is in a mess and needs addressing and there is a boarded up garage that could do with a new metal door if possible please.


I am not sure if the pathway is a Breckland pathway or a Norfolk CC one? The pathway is opposite number 23 Dane Close - perhaps you could check your records and deal with this as a priority as it is in an appalling condition.

In addition to this, there are two grit bins in the vicinity that are according to residents not re-filled with grit / salt when necessary - do they appear on the NCC system?

The drains in this area are very full, and need clearing out to prevent the area flooding - according to residents this is a regular occurrence. 

I'll be most grateful if you could deal with all these matters as a priority as they have been outstanding for sometime.

Many thanks,
Terry Jermy
Town & District Councillor, Saxon Ward

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