Saturday, 2 February 2013

The 100 day countdown....

For those of you that follow me on Facebook you will no doubt be aware that I am counting down the 100 days to the Norfolk County Council elections by posting something relevant each day, it's a bit like an advert calendar for the election - but with no chocolate as your reward! I think most people have found it quite interesting so far. I will collate the Facebook posts in groups of 10 and post here on this blog for you to see, so here's days 99 - 90.

there's now just 99 days to go until the Norfolk County Council elections; I'm very much hoping that you will support myself and Brenda Canham in those elections to become your Norfolk County Councillors for Thetford - to make sure that you are able to use your vote, how about signing up to vote by post? you might be busy on polling day, away on holday, unwell or at work - anybody can now vote by post! Just visit - it's so simple! Let me know if you want further info

just 98 days to go until the Norfolk County Council elections..... there are two County Council seats for Thetford, do you know which one you live in???? Thetford-West is the whole of the Barnham Cross area South of the river, running up and including Redcastle Estate, over the river to include Abbey Estate, Monksgate area, Liberty Gardens and Ladies Estate - and everything in between all of those areas - it's a huge area, approximately 8-9,000 voters - can I count on your support?

Just 97 days to go until the Norfolk County Council elections - following on from yesterday's post - Thetford East Ward contains the whole of the Town Centre, Redgate etc and the whole of Cloverfields, Norwich Road Estate, Fairfields and Woodlands - make sure you are registered to vote and consider applying to vote by post for the election on 2nd May 2013

96 days until the Norfolk County Council elections; do you know where your polling station is in Thetford? There's 9 in total!

95 days to go until Norfolk County Council elections; today I've been with Labour colleagues from across Norfolk discussing everyone's priorities for the upcoming election- what do you think should be the priorities for Thetford that myself and Brenda Canham fight for should we be elected??? Let us know!!

94 days to go until the Norfolk County Council elections and I thought I would share with you the results from the last time these seats were up for election: May 2009, Lib Dem - 934 votes, Conservative - 882, Labour (Terry Jermy) - 706. Turnout just 27.49% of all registered voters. So as you can see I've got a fight ahead of me to get myself elected and I will really be counting on the support of each and every one of you x

93 days to go until the Norfolk County Council elections; Thought I would share with you the election results for Thetford-East from 2009. Conservative: 1036 votes, Lib Dem: 665 and Labour - Brenda Canham - 387 votes - turnout was just 29.84% for this ward last time - so you can see that Brenda has quite a challenge to win, both Brenda and myself will need all of your support come polling day on Thursday 2nd May 2013, and in the weeks leading up to it

Day 92 was a very busy day: went to Dereham in the morning to discuss the Council ward boundaries - which are being reviewed, anyone got any thoughts? And then last night was full meeting of Thetford Town Council - lots of issues discussed. Conservative candidate for Thetford-West was present again in the audience - nice of him to make the trip from his home in Attleborough to attend #justsaying hehe

Day 91; do you know the political composition of Norfolk County Council??? There's 84 Councillors in total representing the whole of Norfolk. 62 of them are currently Conservative, 9 are Lib Dem, 6 are Green, 5 are Labour and there is 1 Ukip. That's right - 62 out of 84 are Tories!!! Time for a bit more of a balance don't ya think??? Remember that come May 2nd! X

90 days to go until the Norfolk wide elections; do you know who your current Norfolk County Councillor is???

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