Sunday, 31 March 2013

e-mail re: play areas from an 11 year old

So impressed to have received an email today from an 11 year old child regarding play areas following our recent newsletter that is now being delivered ahead of the Norfolk County Council elections, email as follows;

"Dear Brenda & Terry,
My name is ****** and I am writing to you on my mums email. I am 11 years old and I have read your leaflet today about the issues around Thetford and I would like you to hear my view:

My view is on the Canons Walk park: it is a mess. There is graffiti on everything and there are smashed bottles and litter everywhere. Also, there was a little girl that got her foot stuck under the round-about while it was going round and she got hurt. I think we should put in new play-ground equipment and also put in security cameras so it cannot be ruined by litter, graffiti and lots of different things. By doing this it can keep children safe and it will stop them being hurt by the old equipment and the litter. I hope this will be put into thought for the safety of all of the children. Regards, ****"

My response as follows;

Dear ***,

Firstly, may I just say how impressed I am that you have taken the time to message myself and Brenda regarding your concerns about the Canons Walk play area. We found your email to be really interesting and we agree with you that the play area needs to be improved so that young people such as yourself have somewhere that they can play safely. 

Myself and Brenda are both members of the Thetford Town Council Amenities Committee which is responsible for play areas and open spaces generally and we are working to try and improve all play areas in Thetford - including the one at Canons Walk. Most play areas are still the responsibility of Breckland Council so the situation is quite complicated unfortunately. 

We hope to soon be able to start talking to young people that live in the area about what sort of play-ground they would like. Maybe we could talk to yourself and some friends about your thoughts in the future? have you spoken to staff at the Meet Up Cafe about your thoughts as they may be able to help you with this?

Many thanks once again for your email.

Councillor Terry Jermy

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